Let the sea set you free.




Location: Ishigaki Island

Duration: 2.5hours

Spark your Curiosity

We offer the very best tour and experiences in Yaeyama islands including Ishigaki, Okinawa.

Relax on the amazingly beautiful beach.

Explore the underwater world of coral reefs.

Regain energy from the brilliant sun.

Spark curiosity with a touch of nature and culture.


Sail on Traditional sailing boat!

SABANI Sailing school

How to prepare, assess safety
How to prepare, assess safety
Trim/Adjust the Sail
Trim/Adjust the Sail
Steer with a paddle
Steer with a paddle
Sabani sailing!
Sabani sailing!

Price :


Location : Ishigaki Island

Duration : 1.5hours

Let's maneuver and sail freely on the sea full of coral reef on Okinawa n traditional sailing boat Sabani, adjust sail with the solid grasp of wind and steer with the use of the paddle.

Be Sabani Sailor

Gain experience on sabani and obtain a certification that you will get access to participate in a special tour such as island hopping sailing full moon sailing and so on! (Require to take at least 3 lessons and pass the assessment to obtain certification)

・How to prepare, assess safety and  sea conditions and equipment  


・Steer with a paddle   

・Trim/Adjust the Sail  ​


・Sabani sailing!

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Sabani Sailing tour 

Set sail on a traditional wooden sailboat"SABANI", and discover the untouched nature of the North part of Ishigaki, and you can also snorkel among beautiful coral reefs and watch the sun dip below the horizon on a sunset cruise.

Price :


Location : Ishigaki island

Duration : 1.5hours~


Adventure Day Tour

Kayaking to the Kabira rock islands, Exploring the adventurous blue cave, Snorkeling to meet colorful fish amongst the coral, Witnessing a stunning waterfall hidden in the jungle, Get ready to experience the ultimate Adventure!

Price :


Location : Ishigaki island

Duration : 6hours

*Pick up service is included

*The lunch is included

Ocean cruising on SUP

Stand up paddleboarding is originated from Hawaii, and while you are standing on the board to grind on the beautiful emerald green ocean, you can enjoy nature and scenery at a your own pace, and have fun with your family and friends.

Price :


Location : Ishigaki island

Duration : 4hours

*Pick up service is included

*The lunch is included

Other Services

Travel Consultation Services

In order to save your time, and get the rightful information for your trip,

travel consultation is somehow needed,

so that you can get the local, important local advice and information,

to make your trip most meaningful,

and time worthy.

Tailor-made Tour

We can tailor-make a tour for you to make the fullest of your stay in Ishigaki, ranging from
wedding travel, overseas study tour, to company trips…etc.

Share with us about your plan
and we can make it for you.


Interpretation Services​

We can satisfy your language

need to provide Japanese/English/Cantonese/Chinese
translation/interpretation services for your journey or/and your business.