In tune with Okinawan sea.


 In the past, traditional wooden sailboats called "Sabani" 

were a common sight on the seas around Okinawa.

it represents Knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors.

 Once the wind hits the sail, Sabani will begin its journey.

 Colorful ocean and sky stretch out to the horizon.

You will be in tune with the nature and culture of Okinawa.

Sabani Tour

Set sail on the traditional wooden sailboat "Sabani" 

 Snorkel among beautiful coral reef​

 Watch the sun dip below the horizon on a sunset cruise​

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  • Sailing School

    Let's maneuver and sail freely on the sea full of coral reef on Okinawa n traditional sailing boat Sabani, adjust sail with the solid grasp of wind and steer with the use of the paddle.

    Be Sabani Sailor

    Gain experience on sabani and obtain a certification that you will get access to participate in a special tour such as island hopping sailing full moon sailing and so on! (Require to take at least 3 lessons and pass the assessment to obtain certification)

    ・How to assess sea conditions and equipment  


    ・Steer with a paddle   

    ・Trim/Adjust the Sail  ​


    ・Sabani sailing!

    Adult (over 12 years old): 10,000 JPY

    Child (6 to 11 years old): 5,500 JPY

    Duration: 120 mins

    Minimum number of participants: 2 people

  • Sailing

    Set sail on the Sabani to discover the untouched nature of the Hirakubo Peninsula, visiting beaches that are only reachable by boat.

    Adult (over 12 years old): 5,000 JPY

    Child (6 to 11 years old): 2,500 JPY

    Duration: 90 mins

    Minimum number of participants: 2 people

  • Sailing+Snorkeling

    Set sail on the Sabani and make for the beautiful coral reefs and snorkeling sites. The tropical fish are waiting for you!

    Adult (over 12 years old): 8,000 JPY

    Child (6 to 11 years old): 4,000 JPY

    Duration: 120 min

    Minimum number of participants: 2 people

  • Sunset Sailing

    Set sail on a coastal cruise along and witness the stunning beauty of the sunset aboard a Sabani.

    Adult (over 12 years old): 6,000 JPY

    Child (6 to 11 years old): 3,000 JPY

    Duration: 90 min

    Minimum number of participants: 2 people

  • Start time

    10:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / Sunset

    *Start time is subject to change at a low tide period.

  • Check-in​

    Check-in at Ku-ra Sabani Tour

    *Please refer to the google map.

    All participants should arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.

    吉田サバニ造船(YOSHIDA Sabani)


    234-243 Hirakubo Ishigaki-city Okinawa JAPAN​​

  • Note

    Might gonna get wet!

    Please bring beach clothes, swimsuit or clothes that you don`t mind getting wet.


    You are in the subtopics - the sun here is strong!

    Please bring a towel and sun protection (such as long sleeves or a hat/cap).


    No pickup service.

     Unfortunately, Ku-ra Sabani tour does not offer pickup service, we recommend you to rent a car.

  • Cancellation

    The tour may be canceled due to sea conditions and other circumstances.

    At the time of cancellation, we will contact you by mobile phone.

    If you want to cancel or change the time of the activity, please contact us as soon as possible. In the case of the last cancellation, the cancellation fee would be charged.