Privacy policy

Privacy policy

About your personal information

Skypartners would collect and manage your personal information for the purpose of providing the best services or/and product for you, and below are some terms about how we manage your information. 


Your personal information will solely be in use for Skypartners to provide the best product/services, on the basis of contract/agreement both parties agree.   


We do not provide your personal information to any third party, except the legitimated and official request from the Japan government.


We do not open, edit, delete your personal information, except the formal request from yours, and we would try our best to respond to your reasonable request.


We follow and obey the Japan laws regarding the protection of your personal information, and we would follow the updated policy from the Japan laws.


For resorting to any legal interpretation/claim/conflict, the Japanese version of privacy policy is the most correct version, and please contact us anytime if you have any inquiry regarding your personal data.



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