Ishigaki island, Yaeyama islands

An island that offers perfect unique exotic holiday escape.

Ishigaki island is the cultural, and economic center of the Yaeyama Islands

and also is the transportation hub for other islands.

Yaeyama islands are located in the southernmost part of Japan.

it consists of the 11 islands,

"Ishigaki", "Iriomote", "Taketomi", "Kohama", "Kayama", "Yubu", "Kuroshima", "Aragusuku", "Hatoma", "Hateruma" and "Yonaguni".

and each island has unique features and culture and all surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

Enjoy, Eat, Relax Repeat.

Yaeyama island welcoming 1.48millon travelers yearly

and a lot of travelers tend to come back for more to explore and get connected with local culture

and its nature of islands.

but still, you will have yourself in a clam and beautiful beaches and scenery as it's all yours.

Where to go

There's a ton of beautiful must-see places, beaches, islands 

that we recommend to you go.

Let's start off with the famous sightseeing spot.

Kabira Bay

Ishigaki Island

known for the white sandy beach

and the beautiful emerald green sea.

What to do

the list will be endless...

Diving in to meet colorful tropical fishes and Manta ray.

Snorkeling over the beautiful coral reef. 

Fishing a big fish such as marlin or even Tuna.

Sailing on Traditional Okinawan sailboat.

Witness stunning sunset and 

the breathtaking starry night sky.

Cycling around the island to feel the ocean breeze.

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Enough said?

Your next destination is set to Ishigaki island,

We looking very much forward to meet you all!