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Make your day full of happiness with safety

Based in Okinawa, in the aim of revitalizing the local culture, and economy for the betterment of Okinawa, Skypartners is the ground handling company, we offer a wide range of services, such as passenger handling, ramp handling, charter flights, private/business jet handling,  and we also provide travel service to maximize your experience.

We hope to "be your wings" to enhance your business, travel experience in Okinawa.


Professionalism and International team

Safety, on time performance, and customer satisfaction are all our top priorities and we do not compromise any part of them. Staff of Skypartners are well trained and experienced, to perform your duties. Moreover, we are the international teams that can communicate with different parties in Japanese, English, Cantonese and Chinese, which help smoother our operation in communication part.

Our clients

We welcome international airlines, local airlines, charter flights, and private jet.

Please feel free to contact us if you need the support of ground handling in Okinawa.


Ground Support Equipment

For the smooth flight operation, we have our own passenger step, towing truck,

towing car, airport baggage belt loader, and ground power unit (GPU)…etc.  

In order to provide smooth ground support, we do regular maintenance for the equipment,

and all the ramp staff is regularly trained, in order to keep up with the knowledge and skills.

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