Be your wings
​  あなたの翼に。  

Make your day full of happiness with safety

Based in Okinawa, in the aim of revitalizing the local culture, and economy for the betterment of Okinawa, Skypartners is the ground handling company, we offer a wide range of services, such as passenger handling, ramp handling, charter flights, private/business jet handling,  and we also provide travel services to maximize your experience.


We hope to "be your wings"  to enhance your business, travel experience.




  2F, Kafu-na Asahibashi, Asahimachi Naha Okinawa

      Naha Okinawa 900-0029

      TEL 098-916-6677

  Ishigaki Station

  1960-104-4 Shiraho Ishigaki Okinawa 907-0242

  TEL/FAX 0980-87-0189

Licensed by Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of

the Travel Agency Law (Domestic)

Number: Reginal No.427 Okinawa Pref.Governor Travel business registration

Date of License:FEB.25.20

Term of Validalty:FEB.25.2020-FEB.24.2025

Name:Sky Partners.Inc

Name of Branch:Ishigaki Station

Name of Certified 

Travel services manager:FUNAKOSHI Hiroyasu